Love Call

2017 | 6' 28''


“Timbre is the emblematic tone, or voice, generated by each type of instrument or biological sound source. Not only do musical instruments have singular voice characteristics but so does every living organism and most man-made machines. The difference between the sound of a violin and that of a trumpet is as distinctive as that between a cicada and an American robin, or a cat and a dog—or between a Rolls-Royce and a Formula 1 automobile.”

― Bernie Krause, Sounds from The Great Animal Orchestra (Enhanced): Air


Love Call features recordings from a Barn Owl (Tyto Alba) male screaming at night, after a 4 hour wait sitting under a full moon in a monk graveyard at Abbey of Notre-Dame des Dombes. The emotion I felt that night touched me in the depth of my soul.

It was released on digital & vinyl in may 2017.