Live Surround

2018 | 55' 00''

Experimental and ambient concert. The first performance, « The Lotus eaters », was awarded by the call for works « Chantiers » at Détour de Babel Festival. It includes sounds recorded over a year span in Trièves, Beaumont & Grenoble rural soundscapes. The pubic sits in darkness surrounded by speakers. Merovee adapt the multichannel setup to each concert hall, using high order ambisonics.

The Lotus Eaters (2018)

During his Odyssey, Ulysses arrives on an island where a strange fruit grows: the Lotus.
Its special properties soften the manners, relax the body and lose the memory. By eating it, we forget who we are and where we come from. The inhabitants of the island, benevolent and peaceful, live solely on its picking. So there is nothing to steal, nothing to exchange, nothing to buy. Faced with the dangers of such a society, Ulysses will quickly turn around. He will then force his men who, having tasted the Lotus, did not want to go home.

What if the Hero was wrong to leave? Merovee invites us to accept the contemplative posture of Lotus eaters. Through darkness, he will guide us to the sounds of the waves to the island in question, to eat this fruit. Then we will forget the border between notes, sounds and noises. We will discover the invisible musicality of his hallucinated landscapes – from a lark singing in slow motion to the rumor of a station, to the hiss of trams resonating in the hollow of the mountains. By going beyond the cleavage man / animal, we will remember how deeply we are embedded in the natural world. And perhaps we will admit that what we inflict on our environment we inflict on ourselves.