Live Cinema

2017 | 57' 00''

The Live Cinema performance is a soundtrack set is composed in real time, in the spirit of musician playing in front of silent films. It uses advanced edits, loops & micro pieces from other composers only, mixed all togehter with EQ’s and effects. Thus the tracklist is constantly evolving and improvised at every performance. The films are shown in a new edit, with reshaped text and narrative arcs.

Der Golem (2017)

Original adaptation from the 1920s german expressionist film by Paul Wegener & Carl Boese. It was created for the premier with documentary filmmaker Sylvain Daulin.


In 16th-century Prague, Rabbi Loew sees in the stars the announcement of great danger to the Jews. He then manufactures to protect his people a colossus of clay, the Golem. He gives life to it using magic. In doing so, Loew hopes to make it his slave and fulfill his mission. But the spell is risky : the creature can become uncontrollable at any moment. Double figure of hope and monstrosity, the film still resonates in our current society, from superheroes to new artificial intelligences.

NB: The audio version above is a short edit for home listening. For a full AV experience, please come to the next performance.