I am Alexis Nemtchenko a.k.a. Merovee.


I am an electronic music composer and sound artist born in 1986 – Lyon, France. I graduated from an electroacoustic composition master degree in 2018 at ENM France, headed by Bernard Fort

My work questions our acoustic environment, raising the issue of its preservation and our impact on it, stating that what we do to our environment, we do it to ourselves. I am passionate by field-recording and I look for poetry in every sound textures, everywhere: in rural and urban settings, exotic and everyday environments alike. Back in my studio, I compose with the emotions I felt on the field, inspired by thesound matter. I mix it with my favorite synths and distortions, adding traditional instruments and archival documents. I like to situates the listener in experimental soundscapes made of unusual textures and hallucinated spaces, with a broken perception of time and rhythm. My sound signature draw influences from ambient, electroacoustic, noise and techno music.

I perform my material on stage trough audiovisual and surround sound concerts. I also involve the public in my artistic research with participatory art workshops & talks.

You can download my CV & contact me via alexis.nemtchenko@gmail.com

You can follow me on facebook and souncloud